Topeka City of Character and participating businesses and organizations have teamed up to promote the Character of Topeka. Download each months flyer on the Word of the Month page and display it proudly.

Character word of the month 2018


January - Diligence - focusing my effort on the work at hand

February - Respect - treating others with honor and dignity because of their worth as human beings

March - Alertness - being aware of what is taking place around me so I can respond appropriately

April - Honesty - being truthful in what I say and do

May - Positivity - maintaining a good attitude even when faced with difficulty

June - Trustworthiness - gaining the confidence of others by demonstrating reliability

July - Gratefulness - demonstrating appreciation to others for what I have and how they have helped me

August - Responsibility - knowing and doing what is expected of me

September - Patience - taking the time necessary to work through a difficult situation

October - Compassion - helping those in need

November - Forgiveness - releasing feelings of resentment

December - Empathy - showing consideration and understanding to heal the hurt of others

the Character of topeka

Character: Who you are when no one else is watching.

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