2018 character of Topeka calendars

2018 Character of Topeka Calendar

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Character word of the month 2018


January - Diligence - focusing my effort on the work at hand

February - Respect - treating others with honor and dignity because of their worth as human beings

March - Alertness - being aware of what is taking place around me so I can respond appropriately

April - Honesty - being truthful in what I say and do

May - Positivity - maintaining a good attitude even when faced with difficulty

June - Trustworthiness - gaining the confidence of others by demonstrating reliability

July - Gratefulness - demonstrating appreciation to others for what I have and how they have helped me

August - Responsibility - knowing and doing what is expected of me

September - Patience - taking the time necessary to work through a difficult situation

October - Compassion - helping those in need

November - Forgiveness - releasing feelings of resentment

December - Empathy - showing consideration and understanding to heal the hurt of others

Topeka voted and here are the winners! FEATURING PHOTOGRAPHS FROM:

Kenny Membrino

Freedom Fotografix by Brittany JoRae'

Dan Brennan

Keith Horinek

Tom Arnhold